Fate...or destiny?-PT 1

"Hei,can you help me?"
Anne turn to her back,facing the one;a tall,fluffy eye boy who called her.."Y-yes,can i help you?".
"Do you know where the Starlight Entertainment office?"
"Oh,luckily i'm heading there too.You take part in the audition there?."
"Oh really?Yeah,i am.That's great...umm,mind if we go together?"
"That's fine.I really don't mind."

And that's how their first meeting changed their life......                                                                         


Nieyd rushed out of her appartment when she realised that she was awfully late to attend the auditon held at Starlight Entertainment."Oh man,i'm so damn late!!" Without wasting her time,she stopped a taxi who luckily moving towards her."Taxi!" As she opened the car's door,a boy quickly slipped inside it,Nieyd was stunned,"Hey! i got this taxi first!",she tried to snapped him out of the taxi while scolding him,"Sorry,i have to.You can get another taxi",ignoring her,he closed the door and told the driver to drive on."YAH!!!!!!! come back!!" Nieyd  could only see the taxi drove away.Her inside flaming with anger'"Damn it!! if i know who's that boy,i'm surely gonna kill him with my own hands!",she murmured by herself."Taxi!!!",she ran quickly,chasing another taxi....


"Anyonghaseyo,choneun kaydie-imnida"
"Anyonghaseyo,choneun chen-imnida"
"Ok,thank you for coming.Now,can we start the audition now?"
As they done introducing theirself,Kaydie and Chen started to sing.Kaydie chose to sing ` you raise me up' while Chen chose `the greatest of the world' as her audition song...

Outside the audition room....
Boy 1:I like this one.Her voice...surely fly me to the sky....
Boy 2:Oh,who's the owner of this heavenly voice? Its totally knock me out....

As they heard the two voice suddenly went silent,the two boys went to the half-closed door,tried to sneaking look at the owner of the voices which they heard just now.
"Wait,they come!" unfortunately,it was late.Someone pulled in the door caused the two boy nearly crushed with the two girls who just came out from the room.
The two boys was stunned as they looked at the girls in front of them.So,these are the owner of those lovely voice........
"Hai,i'm Hyunseung and this is my friend,Dongwoon"the boy named Hyunseung introduced himself and his friend to the girls,"We also come for the audition..".
"Oh,hai.I'm Kaydie n this is my friend,Chen.Well,we'd done auditioning."
"We,we know that.Urm,well...we just want say that..your singing are n-nice..."Dongwoon stuttering.His eyes was still looking at Kaydie,he start to feel something in him.
"Oh,thanks..well,we'll be off now.Good luck for you two.."
"T-Thanks...well,nice to meet you.."Hyunseung nodded his head.He suddenly felt butterfly in his stomach as he saw Chen smiling sweetly to him... 


"Breath in...breath out....." Diya tried to calm herself by breathing in and out.It actually work on her as she felt calmer."Gosh,how i'm supposed to fade this feeling?",she talk to herself,continuing her breathing.She's now waiting for her turn for auditioning but she still couldn't hold her nervousness.
"Hei,are you nervous too?",she heard someone talked to her.She turn to her left and found a boy sitting beside her,planting a sweet smile on his face.
"Ow,well..yes.I'm so nervous,this is my first time going for an audition." Diya replied his question.
"Same with me.This my first time too.Well,my name is Gikwang",he shoved his hand to her.
"I'm Diya.Nice to meet you." She took his hand and they exchanged smile.
"Contestant from no 110 to115,please come in",a lady from the room called out.
"Well,looks like its our turn now",Gikwang stood up and got into the room.Diya followed him from behind.Gikwang was the first one to do the audition,so Diya and the other contestant sat at a corner facing him.As he started his singing,Diya was captivated by his voice.She got away with his voice and didn't realised when he stopped his singing.Then,a music played and she looked at Gikwang who started to made some moved."Wow....",that's the only word that slipped out from her mouth,as she watching Gikwang did the break dance along with the music played.She never thought the boy who as nervous as her before getting into the room,looking so confident and enjoying every moved he did.Until the music ended,Diya was still looking at him,her mind gone blank,only focusing to him.Then,Gikwang looked at Diya and once again,shoot the killer smile to her, making her gasped.Her heart pounding more..Until..,"No 111.your turn now."snapped her back to realitiy.As she walked towards the judges,Gikwang approached her," Good luck,Diya.Do your best", and went out from the room.The words gave her some courage and she felt like she would be able to give her all in the audition....


(  Annie's,Nieyd's,Kaydie's,Chen's and Diya's home mailbox...)

[All 5 girls]"What is this?" each of them took out the misterious blue letters from their mailbox.


As stated above,we are proud to announce that you have make it to become our company's trainee.
 Please come to our office for  the registration process.

Thank you. 

 "ASSSSAAAAA!!!!!!!!",5 screaming voice of the girls could be heard around their neighbourhood,showing that something good happened to them....

"Yes!! we made it!! and its all of us!!!"' Nieyd said in joyness.
"Oh,i'm so glad all of us made it!"Anne interrupted then.
"So,what we're waiting now?let's get packing! we gonna move out now!! to the better place!"Kaydie then dragged her friends and they started packaging their things.

In front of Star Empire building,the 5 friends stood side by side and smile widely as their eyes attached at the glamorous building.

"Let's go girls,this is where our dream will come true"said Anne......


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