The Fate That Even We Don't Know

"Let's break up"
"What? wh, why?"
"We're not meant for each other..."
"I don't get it. Why so sudden? Did I do something wrong to you?"
"Yes, you did. And its was the worst thing you've ever done to me."
"And what was that?"
"Making me fall in love with you.."


As he finished his fourth shot for the night, the event that happened almost a month ago filled his mind. Until this day, he couldn't accept the fact that he was dumped by the only person  he had gave his heart to for the reason that he didn't even know. He kept asking himself if he did anything wrong that made his lover wanted to break their relationship. Junhyung then picked out his phone and stares at the picture of two of them on his phone screen. He missed to hear hyunseung's laugh, hyunseung's way of covering his mouth with the back of his hand whenever he laughed so hard, hyunseung's voice calling his name when he woke him up in the morning. He also missed his lover's warmness when they cuddled together during rainy days and hyunseung would keep asking him to hug him tighter to keep him from cold. But now, all of those had become memories to him.
 As he stood up after paying the bills, he dragged his worn out body to get out of the bar, but then something caught up to his eyes, and he surely didn't like it. He clenched his fist tightly as he approached a couple who were making his blood boiling to the max.

"Damn you Doojoon!!!", together with his shout, a punch had been given to the said man right on his left cheek.
"Junhyung!!! what are you doing here?!" another voice interrupted them, whom Junhyung really familiar with the owner of the voice.
"So, this is the reason why you dumped me, hyunseung?! after all I had done for you before, you simply left me because of this bastard?!" Junhyung raised his voice, his left hand grope Doojoon's collar before pulling him to stand on his feet.
" Junhyung, please.Release him.We talk about this outside,please!! Listen to me!",Hyunseung pleaded as he tried to pry Junhyung's fingers on Doojoon's collar.

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