Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!

wohhoooo!!! da 4 blan aq x update blog ni..hihihi...sowi,cbuk ngan fanfic la,fb la,twitter la...hahaha....yg pasti kpop fanatik ttap x brubah...and cinteku pd yoseob msih teguh n utuh...cewaaahh!!haha..da stat mlalut da ni...pape pon entry ni just nk umumkn pngembalian aq ke dunia blog...

still trfikir nk wat my own fanfic,but xde mse ar..cbuk lak ngan assignment n presentation...naseb bdnla...

beast 4 beatoy..nk satu bju dowg~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


14 AUGUST....the Cube family finally gonna hold their first family concert!!!! yaya!!!! heards that the concert's theme gonna be like a fantasy land and all the cube family will spray water all over the place!!! wow!!! just imagine the BEAST member getting wet!!!huhu....

How i wish i live at korea now.....

the poster is so nice!!! fantasy land of united cube!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011...year of rookies group!!!

no doubt.this year is the year for many new kpop groups to debut....and they just messing up my bias list!!!urgh...ottokaji?
all members over 180cm:X-5

baby-face group:B1A4

all nuna's  boyfriend:BOYFRIEND  

 argh!!!!! cant choose which one....can i have all of them??
well,there's some more boyband will debut soon. can't wait for them!!!

 better get ready for another mess-up-bias-list moment..!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my edited pic...

 such a lame edited pic...my first trying...mmmm...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


KYAAA!!!!! ottoke???? i'm soooo sick of this fever..but i can't get rid of it instead i got mooorrreeeee "sick' bcause of....because of...BEAST!!!!!! arrr....help me please!! they turned me into a B2uty!!! ottoke100x???
Then,one of the member took away my heart and brought it to their house!!!oh no,,,how do i live???

Hehehehehe....nonsense...juz i get reeeaaalllyyy addicted to beast lately...huhu...i don't know what to do....day by day,i got moreee love to give to them...especially to someone precious...YANG YOSEOB...yes,he's that 'someone precious' and also the one who took my heart and bring it to their dorm...hehe...Yoseobie,please give back my heart...how many times i have to tell you??


          Name:Yang Yoseob
          Crime:Stealing Kim Junnin's heart
                     and run away with it to
                    Beast's dorm.                        Group:BEAST @ B2ST
         Other: He and his fellow members known as doojoon,junhyung,hyunseung,gikwang and dongwoon had committed serious crime which is stealing the hearts of the entire girl of the world and turned them into loyal B2UTY's...

So.last warning to the said above...please give me my heart back...or else...you have to marry me if you're arrested...

                  KIM JUNNIN + YANG